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TPS Music Channel’s new song “Dil Se Khelne Wali” goes viral

The new song ‘Dil Se Khelne Wali’ by the Tiwari Sarkar is going viral on the TP S Music channel. Sk Tiwari, also known as the Tiwari Sarkar, has launched a teaser for their upcoming music video on their music company Tiwari Productions’ TP S Music channel. The teaser is available on YouTube on the TP S Music channel and is quickly going viral. The title of this song is ‘Dil Se Khelne Wali.’ The actors in this music video are actor Sk Tiwari (Tiwar Sarkar) and actress Shweta Singh. The hard work and dedication of the entire TP S Music team are evident in this song. 

Dozens of songs are ready to be released soon on this channel. Before this, the ‘Adhoora Tere Bina’ video song has already crossed a million views on the same channel.  The owner of TP S Music company, Sk Tiwari, is known by the name of the Tiwari Sarkar. He has two music companies: the first is ‘Sanatan World,’ which has released summaries and descriptions of all religious scriptures related to the Sanatan Hindu religion (Vedas, Vedangas, Upanishads, Puranas, Bhagavad Gita, etc.) through songs. In addition, songs dedicated to all pilgrimage sites and thirty-three crore deities are released, along with special festival songs.

The second is ‘Tiwari Productions Company,’ which is the TP S Music channel. Both channels are available on YouTube. You can subscribe, share, and like them to enjoy your favorite songs. This is a family-friendly channel. Under TP S Music, simple love, separation, and emotional songs are made in Hindi. Even film songs are released through this channel. Special attention is paid to the lyrics of the songs before releasing them to ensure the inclusion of respectful words. While modern music videos and songs often include obscenity, vulgarity, and profanity, the Tiwari Sarkar’s company, Tiwari Productions, distances itself from such things.

Click to listen to the song

 Care is taken not to hurt people’s feelings and values in the songs and their production. Sk Tiwari (Tiwari Sarkar ) comes from a high-caste Brahmin family in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna and is a learned and virtuous person. Whatever work he does, it is dedicated to the nation, society, and public welfare. He avoids working with anyone in professional collaboration. He doesn’t take any favors for himself. His work is based on his preferences and is impartial. The Tiwari Sarkar only works with those whose thinking and vibes align with theirs. For the Tiwari Sarkar religion and national welfare come before self-interest. Even if there is no business progress, they do not compromise on their fundamental goals, religion, and national welfare.

The Tiwari Sarkar’s ancestors also considered it their fortune to work for religion and national welfare. Following in their footsteps or one could say advancing further with innovation, the Tiwari Sarkar is working. Sk Tiwari (Tiwari Sarkar ) is a resident of Satna, Madhya Pradesh, and is a good producer, director, writer, and actor. Under the banner of Tiwari Productions Company, their film ‘Tiwari Sarkar is being made, which will be released soon. SkTiwari (Tiwari Sarkar) plays the lead role in this film. Many famous and excellent artists are working in this film, which will be revealed soon. This film is based on what kind of government there should be and how it should be run.

 It also shows that if even one minister of the country is honest and works for the welfare of the country, corruption in the country can be controlled. Corruption, which is the biggest enemy of national and public welfare, can disappear in an instant. Currently, Sk  Tiwari (Tiwari Sarkar) is excited about their upcoming projects.

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