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Ashmeen Films Unveils Hilarious Motion Poster for ‘Uparwala & Sons’: A Societal Satire Packed with Laughter and Emotion for the whole family

New Delhi, October 31, 2023 – Ashmeen Films, a prominent player in the Indian film industry, has just launched the intriguing motion poster for their upcoming Hindi feature film, ‘Uparwala & Sons.’ This family entertainer is poised to captivate audiences with its unique blend of social satire, laughter, and tears, making it the perfect “Popcorn Ka Family Pack” for cinema-goers.

The creators of ‘Uparwala & Sons’ are eager to present a satirical comedy-drama that delves into the delicate distinction between faith and blind faith in a light-hearted yet thought-provoking manner.

The story follows a young man hailing from a small Indian town who is determined to find a quick and easy path to prosperity. In his quest for wealth, he concocts a plan to deceive people by portraying his young son as an embodiment of divinity. The movie unfolds into a comical journey as he navigates the hilarious escapades encountered while trying to achieve his dream.

A significant highlight of the film is the promise of outstanding music and unforgettable songs, which will be released in due course.

Preliminary screenings of ‘Uparwala & Sons’ have already garnered tremendous reactions from select audiences, cementing the makers’ belief that this movie is poised to receive an enthusiastic response from theater-goers as well.

The film boasts a stellar ensemble cast, comprising highly talented actors from the theater circuit, including Anvayaksh, Prerna Rawat, Akshay Panwar Nambardar, Malti Verma, Hanun Bawra, Ashish Gautam, Lakshay Chawla, Ravi Shankar, and Sarita Chaturvedi. ‘Uparwala & Sons’ has been produced by the trio of Manish Oberoi, Bhawna Oberoi, and Shefali Verma of Ashmeen Films in collaboration with Matrices Communication Solutions and A Bagful of Stories. The film’s musical score is composed by Viqsit, with Kunjan Verma serving as both the writer and director.

To catch a glimpse of the captivating motion poster of ‘Uparwala & Sons,’ click here: Watch Motion Poster

Excitement is building for the release of ‘Uparwala & Sons,’ and fans are eagerly anticipating this fresh cinematic experience. Stay tuned for more updates on this unique cinematic venture that promises to redefine the boundaries of entertainment. ‘Uparwala & Sons’ is set to challenge conventional norms with a business idea that reads, “Woh Dhandha, Jo Kabhi Na Pade Manda.”

Keep an eye out for further updates on the film in the days to come.

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