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On a dating app, Karan Johar claims he had “multiple rejections”

<p>With his magnificent films, Karan Johar has changed the way that everyone views love and passion throughout the course of his distinguished 25-year career. The director, however, has often discussed his lack of a love relationship. Although he has assisted in numerous celebrity pairings in real life, the running joke among his business colleagues is that he hasn’t been successful in finding a mate for himself.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-249499″ src=”” alt=” check ipo dates size and quota for cello world which will launch next week images” width=”1412″ height=”791″ srcset=” 300w,–150×84.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1412px) 100vw, 1412px” title=”On a dating app, Karan Johar claims he had "multiple rejections" 15″></p>
<p>Speaking at the Bollywood Hungama OTT India Fest, Karan said that he had tried using the celebrity dating app Raya in the past, but it had been fruitless. But every time I irked someone, they didn’t irk me back, he continued. They remained silent. I received many rejections. “I had a really.. like I felt inferiority,” Karan stated. I ticked away with some leeway as well, but there was no communication.</p>
<p>Then Karan said, “I think people must have thought the account was fake.” Karan ended up quitting the app as a result of several rejections. Karan said, “Find someone one can relate to, who is compassionate, and compatible” while discussing finding love in the real world.</p>
<p>The majority of individuals battle with the same issues, Karan continued. Although it is advised to “throw yourself out there,” Karan jokingly questioned, “Where is that ‘there’? I’ve searched for it, but I’m not sure where to look.</p>
<p>“It’s damn easy to say,” he said. I’ve been seeking for it somewhere; if you know the address, email it to me. Karan said that he makes a point to meet individuals from all ethnicities and occupations and described himself as being fairly sociable and amiable. Yet he has not encountered love.</p>
<p>The director recently admitted to Mid-Day that he went on both online and offline dates following the epidemic, but that none of them led to a lasting relationship.</p>
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