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An Exclusive Interview with Multi National Award Winner, Multiple World Records Holder, Women’s Rights Defender Mayaa SH 

How would you define yourself as a person ?

Mayaa SH : Well, I am a person engaged passionately with what I correlate with and my understanding to it is expressed through my writing and my experience of being aligned to looking at ways to encourage and motivate many women  . In both facets, I endeavour to look at the same set of global trends considering the potential direct, indirect and long-term impacts of a few stresses on people, particularly women and vulnerable groups… we as “women” as a community where are we heading towards and how do we build ourselves continuously as an individual first ?

How would you redefine the word “staunch” feminism? 

Mayaa SH : There is no such thing like staunch in the dictionary of championing rights of any of the genders. It is completely focussed on optimum utilisation of equal opportunities for all the genders including those who have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from the one that they were assigned at birth. I would retweak it as I am a culturist in an ardent belief of uplifting women towards their understanding of political, economic, and social equality of the genders expressed especially through organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests. Feminism is not about breeding hatred, prejudice or contempt for men or misandry .But the goal of feminism is to create equity, which is essential for leveling the benchmark to ensure that no one’s rights are violated due to factors such as race, gender, language, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, political or other beliefs, nationality, social origin, class, or wealth status.Feminism works towards equality of all genders and not placing women superior .How the strength of Feminity is misused for personal vendetta? , that we cannot comment on and engage into as it is totally a distraction from the actual cause by few in the society.

What came to your mind while writing your first book? 

Mayaa SH : I  have always placed emphasis on deriving observations from realistic scenarios in life and catapulting any situation out of the window that is not a value addition in near future with respect to unrealistic and baseless facts .Life does not work on assumptions and dreams alone , we need to have the Strength and Courage to endure the tenacity to accomplish anything that we aspire for even if we are stuck .My first book “Sindoori” is dedicated to the women of the country .It is a simple book of quotations that can be handy in situations where women feel stuck at any point of life and require a moral support to collect themselves again and start all over again , if they are in despair or any situation that is beating them down on not being able to express themselves completely or live life to their full potential.Sindoori is a representation of the unsung echoes of Creativity , Valour, Vigour , Assurance , Confidence , Change , Determination and Optimism in Life for anybody .

What is your opinion on the sustainability of being an author in our country? 

Mayaa SH : Yes , definitely one can be a full time writer in India.It is a myth that in order to get more reverence one has to leave the country to earn more name and fame .The fact that one is focussed and is determined to pursue any expertise in any field, one must go in pursuit of that dream or aspiration in life irrespective of what will others think . To plan your career trajectory  well , one can begin early by allowing oneself the luxury of exposing oneself to courses or certifications that hone one’s skills to the next level.Many have exceptional writing talent, but those who seem so blessed usually started writing in childhood and got encouragement along the way. It is a good idea to commence early with one’s aspiration to become a writer .

Which books have been your favourite reads in recent time? 

Mayaa SH :

(1)The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale 

This book is an all time classic with reference to Positive Thinking . It is certain that we cannot completely isolate the negativity in our lives. Bad things happen in life too. The real thing is how much more space we are able to give positivity in our thoughts than negativity. The good thing is that no matter how effective the negativity is, small activities or some good deed during the day can bring down its mercury very low and the mercury of positivity can rise very high, but for this, a little effort has to be made. Will happen. …so let’s make a little effort every day and make yourself, your soul feel good feelings regularly.

(2) I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban

Malala Yousafzai became the youngest-ever Nobel Prize winner for her fight for the right to education. In 2013, Yousafzai made a speech at the United Nations Youth Assembly in New York, during which she talked about the controversial situation surrounding women’s rights in her country. The event generated a wave of international attention thanks to the internet and interest from global media.

I AM MALALA is the remarkable tale of a family uprooted by global terrorism, of the fight for girls’ education, of a father who, himself a school owner, championed and encouraged his daughter to write and attend school, and of brave parents who have a fierce love for their daughter in a society that prizes sons.I AM MALALA will make you believe in the power of one person’s voice to inspire change in the world.

How would you attribute your success in life to  people and organisations who have helped you in your journey?

Mayaa SH : It would be unfair to name any particular organisation or any specific person who has been a driver to my key understanding of nuances of life .However , I would bestow my heartfelt felicitations on all those voices that have always believed in one thing that “ I haved dared to Dream beyond the limitations of societal barriers of either limiting beliefs or understanding in life ”. I owe a lot to my teachers who have played a crucial role during the initial years of my understanding of creative acumen and academic intelligentsia .I have been very fortunate as well to have a pool of great friends who encouraged me in all facets of my life as a life support .

Which author has been your all time favourite apart from yourself?

Mayaa SH : Jane Austen – While today her novel’s are often considered by some to be part of the romance genre, Austen’s books actually helped popularize the idea of marrying for love in the first place. Marriages built on love rather than for business reasons were a common plot point in many of Austen’s novels. Austen’s novels also pointed out the many ways women of her time depended on their ability to “marry well”. 

How much emphasis would you lay on marketing a book to succeed?

Mayaa SH :

If you wish to position your book well , you must create great value for your readers .Marketing is a process that acts as a catalyst of exploring , creating and delivering value aligned to a brand or product development that one is either trying to highlight on or on captivating attention based on segmentation involved. However , it is the content of the book that matters the most and what message is the book trying to echo. There is no harm in keeping the book simple yet powerful in its content and effective communication is wherein the reader is able to comprehent its reference to context .

What is that one recommendation you wish to to give to anybody who has just started his or her writing journey?

Mayaa SH : The will to succeed gives Strength even to the weakest of all seeds.If you are determined about your life goals and have an idea , no matter how simple , then you must start your journey of executing it.It does not matter which path you choose to reach your destination , what matters the most is if you were able to live your dream if writing an article or a book that you always dreamt of has been your dream , then begin implementing the idea to execution .All writers write from their gut or intuition , so always keep your energies calm and great so that you are at your highest actulisation of intellect and creativity to pen the best master piece .Always remember , if you are sincere in your efforts and consistent , you will accomplish all your goals one day . The world is a beautiful oyster to live in and all are pearls strung together in lustre of warmth and happiness. Hard Work has never betrayed anybody , everybody has started with their first book and carved a niche for themselves . 

“Writing Is A Discipline , You Need to Worship It Next To God .”

About The Author 

Mayaa SH is a name synonymous with literary excellence and advocacy for gender equality. As a recipient of numerous Multi-National Awards and a ten-time World Record Holder, she is a true luminary in contemporary literature. Mayaa SH’s dedication extends beyond literary accolades; she is a Women Empowerment Culturist and a passionate advocate for Gender Equality. Her writings, steeped in feminism and thought-provoking insights on various subjects, deeply resonate with her readers. Mayaa SH’s literary canvas not only highlights the power of words but also the importance of identity, economic freedom, and social justice. With over 150 anthologies co-authored and nine solo books to her name, she has left an indomitable mark on the literary landscape.

Mayaa SH’s influence extends internationally, gracing the pages of magazines dedicated to women’s empowerment and honor. She is a literary dynamo whose words ignite change, empower women, and challenge the status quo. Dr Mayaa SH is a powerful Indian authoress and a strong social activist who is best known for the award-winning titles for empowering women and for her involvement in women motivation and her powerful writings on  championing the humanitarian causes of eliminating discrimination against women . Mayaa SH also known as Mayaa Devi, Mayaa Tai, Mayaa Di,Mayaa Audio SH, Pushpa ‘The Fire’ , Padma Of The East, Lady Robin Hood , Female Karl Marx, MS Dhoni Of Writing, Female Chulbul Pandey and Lady Gandhi is a known name in Contemporary Literature .She is a Multi-National Award and  State Award Winner , a ten times a World Record Holder, An Artist, a Podcaster,  a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Authoress. She is a women’s rights defender and an educator and women mentor. Mayaa SH has written extensively on topics  that focus on mental health and positive emotion, with a focus on  body Positivity . Her work has been recognized by several awards including various non-governmental organizations and charitable institutions and foundations across the country. She is engaged in uplifting women and outreach and dissemination of the science of emotions and mental health for college going students and the broader public, with a recent focus on the mental health crisis sparked after  the COVID-19 pandemic.Mayaa SH has been chosen as number 1 The Modern Literary Stars Of India, 2022 by Cherry Book Awards for making valuable contribution to Contemporary Indian Literature. She has Won In Memorable Performance in the category termed as ‘Other than English write ups “ for her appreciation of hard work , creativity and dedication in Grand Christmas Competition 2.0 which has been a world record event of the largest creative event hosted online with more than 1000+participants . Mayaa SH is a Women Empowerment Culturist and a gender equality exponent to position and contextualize her work within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. She has depicted gender inclusivity and equality through her certifications from the United Nations and powerful writings on Feminism, Gender Equality,  Transforming Vision Into Action: Transmogrification on Transgender Community and Mental Health Awareness Topics. Her work depicts the identity, economic and social freedom of many .She has co-authored more than hundred and fifty plus anthologies with nine solo books and has been aligned with more than 86 publication houses.She has been featured in several magazines like Nirantar  and women oriented like Tejaswi -The Imperishable on Women Power and Honour including few international magazines. Her first poem “The Candle In The Wind” made her win an Award at the National Level. She navigates many women through stress by deploying talking as a medium to combat stress and fear.She is a suicide prevention expert and has saved many lives in the country from suicide.

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