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Journey of Mann Ssharrmaa The Renowned Celebrity Tarot Card Reader


I believe that destiny brings what’s meant for you. My journey started in 2015 when I shifted from the glamorous world to spirituality. I started my journey from modelling then I decided to teach children at an NGO in Delhi. There, I met my mentor, who recognized my ability to connect with people emotionally. She encouraged me to explore spirituality, thinking I could help others heal from tough situations. I began practicing tarot reading to motivate people and help them with their challenges.

To pursue this path, I took various courses, like Master Numerology, Vastu Chakra Expertise, Tarot Card Reading, Life Coaching, and Reiki Healing. In 2022, I joined the astrology app Guruji, and my readings resonated with many, gaining over 19,000 followers in the first year.

This spiritual journey also led me to explore healing crystals and rudraksh, which had a significant impact on my life. Wearing the right rudraksha and crystals even allowed me to take flights, something I had never done before. This inspired me to start a business dealing in healing crystals and rudraksh.

My journey, though small, has been fulfilling, introducing me to inspiring people and humbling experiences. I’ve formed a virtual family called the #MannFamily, who show me tremendous love and support. I aim to improve my skills in spirituality and express gratitude to my mentor, family, and friends. I’m here to help and answer any questions whenever you need me. Just a message or call away!

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